Hope Through Opportunity projects are based on the needs of the people in the Arusha region of Tanzania.  HTO maintains communication with the local people and seeks to address needs as they arise.  The following is a list of current and past projects.  Our main focus at this time is sending humanitarian supplies, which helps many people and projects, and aiding the Upendo Orphan Club.  Please visit their pages for more information and pictures of what we are doing.

Current and Ongoing Projects

Upendo Orphan Club, Rombo, Tanzania
Provides support to orphaned homeless children.

Humanitarian Supplies
Clothing, medical, household, building, sewing and tourism goods are gathered and shipped to Tanzania.

Malaika for Life
Buy a bracelet, save a life is the motto of Malaika for life.  In their quest to saves lives in the fight against malaria this organization helps Maasai women become self-sufficient.

Huruma Hospital, Rombo, Tanzania
The largest hospital in the region and primary recipient of medical supplies and equipment shipped by HTO.

Women’s self-sufficiency through sewing

Completed Building Projects

Community Bathroom Bridge of LifeCommunity Water Tank

Mbahe Primary School, Mbahe Village, Tanzania
In 1998 the school was in serious need of repair. The roof was leaking, the windows were broken, and the floors were wet and muddy. The children would come to school in the rain.  They couldn’t get dry.  These conditions lead to serious eye, ear and throat infections for the students. The toilets were pits and a breeding ground for infection.  Hope Through Opportunity reconstructed the school in 1999.  Leaks were fixed, windows, doors and concrete floors were put in.

Previous Recipients of Humanitarian Supplies

Moshi Center For The Disabled, Moshi, Tanzania
Wheelchairs are GOLDEN. They are scarce to nonexistent in Tanzania. Most people that are immobile because of accidents or Polio or other illnesses, have an early death because of infections. After hearing about this plight, HTO was able to get 30 plus wheelchairs (brought in the containers), and helped to change people lives. One man told us that he could now get to the church and ring the bell. He felt independent and happy with his new mobility. He said he didn’t have anything to give us in return, but his prayers. His smile and and new freedom was enough to make us all cry for JOY!

We are always looking for wheelchair donations to provide to those in need!

Mkombozi Center
The Mkombozi Center was created for the street children of Moshi, Tanzania. These are children who wander the streets stealing, sleeping in door ways and parks in order to make life happen for themselves.  HTO was able to support this incredible home in the past by donating clothing, shoes, sports equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, a foos ball table, educational and medical supplies.

Light in Africa Orphanage, Moshi, Tanzania
Light In Africa Orphanage is an amazing haven for children who have been left without parents due to illness or accidents. HTO has provided donations of children’s clothing and over the counter medical supplies to Light in Africa.

Kilema Hospital, Marangu, Tanzania
In 1998, Alice had the opportunity to visit Kilema hospital.  Alice, an R.N., was greatly affected by the conditions. Ten pair of gloves were being constantly washed and reused.  There were two to three patients per bed and mattresses on the floor.  Bedding was brown with age.  Children’s broken legs were in traction using ropes and pieces of wood.  Staff went far and wide to try to procure medicine for the patients. Hope Through Opportunity has been committed to improving the conditions at Kilema Hospital.  Through partnerships with Direct Relief International and Heart to Heart, two California non-profits, we have been able to provide Kilema Hospital with a steady supply of medicine.  Items such as beds, wheelchairs, crutches, dental supplies and other much needed medical supplies and equipment have been brought to the hospital in our shipping containers.

Summit Expedition and Nomadic Experience, Moshi, Tanzania, SENE is one of the few climbing and safari companies that is owned and operated by the people of Tanzania. Hope Through Opportunity supported and supplied tents, equipment, crew clothing and brochures to help start the company. Today the company is independently viable!

Please donate climbing and camping equipment so we can get others started!

Mbosho Parish
Water system was installed in 2001.  The arid dry dessert was turned into a lush growing vegetable garden which now serves the community.  Water changed their life. Thank you Jackie Torgerson for providing the funds for this project!