Bridge of Life

The village of Mbahe is divided by the Monjo Juu River.  The river becomes torrential during heavy seasonal rains that fall on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The village and people of the region would become isolated during these periods.  They were unable reach such essential services as medical care.  Farmers could not get their crops to market, resulting in economic hardship.  The old rickety bridge was the only way for children to get to and from school.  Many children were injured or drowned trying to cross. When visiting in 1997 the village chairman asked Alice for a cement driving bridge, because the present log and wooden bridge would get washed out and caused many hardships.  After seven years of searching, negotiating, planning and organizing, “The Bridge of Life” was completed. The construction of the bridge was made possible through financial support from Rotary International, Lamorinda Rotary and other Bay Area Rotary clubs (California) and the construction management from Mount Meru Arusha Rotary Club.  This was such an important project for HTO as it supported our three key goals; health, education and self-sufficiency.