Upendo Orphan Club

The Upendo (loving) Orphan Club of Rombo was established by the local people to feed the hundreds of orphans that were begging and stealing food in the area. In the past it has been completely funded by members of the club who are community members.  These children have lost their parents and wander the area seeking shelter wherever they can find it.  There is no orphanage for them.  Word is spread through the community as to when a food distribution for the orphans will take place.  The children walk to receive bags of maize. 

During her visit to Tanzania in 2005, Father Aloyce introduced Alice to the orphans.  They were hungry and malnourished.  They were in need of shoes, clothing and medicines.  It was heartbreaking.  She vowed to never let these children go hungry again.  Since HTO has been helping the Upendo Orphan Club, life for these children has improved.  Our assistance to the now 500+ children of the Upendo Orphan Club with food, clothing, medical care and other aid is ongoing. We can feed a child for an entire year with $50 USD.