Women’s Self-sufficiency Through Sewing

Providing women with sewing machines equals a job.  Hope Through Opportunity donates sewing machines to women who have have demonstrated initiative.   We have sent several members of the Mbahe community to sewing school. These women are currently running their own shops and helping to teach other women.  A donation of $150 will buy a sewing machine and provide a livelihood for someone.

Bene Mtui, pictured below, is an example of someone’s life who has been impacted by having a sewing machine.  In 2011 Hope Through Opportunity decided rather than to purchase uniforms for the Upendo Orphan Club, it would be better to hire someone in the community to make the uniforms.  Bene was happy to do it.  The money she earned from this job allowed her to set up a stand where she can sell vegetables and charcoal for cooking.  Bene would like to use the sewing skills she has learned to help teach other women in the village.

You can help with this self-sufficiency project by donating $150 for a sewing machine or by donating goods to the humanitarian supply container.  Materials of all kinds are needed,  canvas for seats, lightweight water-proof materials for tents and so forth.  Another important item is zippers, snaps, and any kind object that could break on backpacks or other articles that might need replacing.

In the past Hope Through Opportunity helped the Chikima Integrated Girls Support and Mitigation Foundation (CHIGISUMIFO), a Tanzanian NGO, start a sewing school program for young village girls who are unable to go on to secondary school. The goal of the school is to promote self-sufficiency, independence and give these young women the opportunity to have their own income by teaching sewing skills.