Malaika for Life

Malaika for life is an organization within Hope Through Opportunity.  Malaika means “Angel” in Swahili.  Buy a Bracelet Save a Life is the theme of this project.  All proceeds go to Tanzania.  Malaria medicine is purchased and distributed to Hospitals and Clinics under to supervision of Father Aloyce Urio.  The bracelets are made by local Maasai women.  It was started in 2009 by HTO member Kristen Kenney.  In the spring of 2009 while visiting Tanzania she became ill with malaria and was cured there.  It was apparent that medicine for those in need would give others a chance at life.  She felt a strong desire to help influence the outcome of those afflicted with malaria.  Her passion for the people and their future health drove her to develop a program to SAVE A LIFE AND PREVENT DEATH.  Please visit to see the wonderful work she is doing.