2011 Year in Review


1. A COMMUNITY BATHROOM  with 2 toilets, 2 showers, and one sink was built in the village.  This is a flush toilet, so it was a very big deal to get the water, plumbing and waste tank all in order.  Most villagers have pit toilets and wash in a wash tub.  This was a big surprise for all involved.

2.  FOOD, CLOTHING, BEDDING, FLASHLIGHTS AND BATTERIES were provided for many elders.  Most elders stay in their homes and do not move in with family members. Many are not able to work anymore and rely on the community to help them.  HTO is very familiar with many wise elders and keeps them going with basis necessities.

3.  15,000 LITER WATER TANK was made in Mbahe village on Kilimanjaro Mountain.  All the pipes, and connectors were bought and it is serving over 400 families–about 1,200 people, gardens and animals.  WATER IS LIFE.

4. 35 ORPHANS AND 2 OUTSTANDING VILLAGE CHILDREN GO TO UPPER SCHOOL.  The Tanzanian gov’t helps children through 8th grade.  After that, they have to be sponsored.

5. ORTHOPEDIC EQUIPMENT is delivered to Huruma Hospital.

6.  10 TONS–22,000 POUNDS OF MAIZE deliver to the orphans

7.  EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS–400 school booklets, pens, pencils, combs, bananas and bread brought to the orphans.


9. 100 ORPHAN CHILDREN RECEIVE NEW UNIFORMS.  Blouses and skirts, shirts and pants were gifted to those in need.  Father Aloyce Urio was able to get the specific information needed regarding number of children in need and sizes required.

10.  Brought and distributed 10 books to Huruma Hospital.  Topics include women’s health, dentistry, Where There is No Doctor  (title) and Children’s illnesses.


HTO wants to thank all the people over all these years for contributing.  Peoples lives are changing!

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