2010 Year in Review

1. Land transportation for another 40′ container of medical supplies for Huruma Hospital.

Father Aloyce says ” without these medical containers, Huruma Hospital will close” .

The container is being filled by Direct Relief International in Santa Rosa California.  We have been working with them for three years.

2. $3,200.00  sent for our wonderful growing orphans.  I am so happy to report that no orphans died this year.  They are healthy, their hair is strong and their skin is glowing.  All are in school except our babies.  This is our fourth year of HTO’s promise “never to be hungry again” program.

It is so exciting for me and visitors to see and dance and play with these children who are becoming stronger and more hopeful every year.

3. Diabetic medicine and blood testing kits provided for many elders in the Kilimanjaro Region.  They are taught how to test their own blood at home, or doctors are hired to help them, or money is given for transportation to get to a clinic.  Many of these adults were on deaths door——-not anymore——–they are back to working in their farms and living life again.

4. $6,000.00 was send from Malaika for Life for malaria medicine–Father Aloyce Urio will distribute the medicine to 2 hospitals and 9 clinics.

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