2011 Year in Review


1. A COMMUNITY BATHROOM  with 2 toilets, 2 showers, and one sink was built in the village.  This is a flush toilet, so it was a very big deal to get the water, plumbing and waste tank all in order.  Most villagers have pit toilets and wash in a wash tub.  This was a big surprise for all involved.

2.  FOOD, CLOTHING, BEDDING, FLASHLIGHTS AND BATTERIES were provided for many elders.  Most elders stay in their homes and do not move in with family members. Many are not able to work anymore and rely on the community to help them.  HTO is very familiar with many wise elders and keeps them going with basis necessities.

3.  15,000 LITER WATER TANK was made in Mbahe village on Kilimanjaro Mountain.  All the pipes, and connectors were bought and it is serving over 400 families–about 1,200 people, gardens and animals.  WATER IS LIFE.

4. 35 ORPHANS AND 2 OUTSTANDING VILLAGE CHILDREN GO TO UPPER SCHOOL.  The Tanzanian gov’t helps children through 8th grade.  After that, they have to be sponsored.

5. ORTHOPEDIC EQUIPMENT is delivered to Huruma Hospital.

6.  10 TONS–22,000 POUNDS OF MAIZE deliver to the orphans

7.  EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS–400 school booklets, pens, pencils, combs, bananas and bread brought to the orphans.


9. 100 ORPHAN CHILDREN RECEIVE NEW UNIFORMS.  Blouses and skirts, shirts and pants were gifted to those in need.  Father Aloyce Urio was able to get the specific information needed regarding number of children in need and sizes required.

10.  Brought and distributed 10 books to Huruma Hospital.  Topics include women’s health, dentistry, Where There is No Doctor  (title) and Children’s illnesses.


HTO wants to thank all the people over all these years for contributing.  Peoples lives are changing!

2010 Year in Review

1. Land transportation for another 40′ container of medical supplies for Huruma Hospital.

Father Aloyce says ” without these medical containers, Huruma Hospital will close” .

The container is being filled by Direct Relief International in Santa Rosa California.  We have been working with them for three years.

2. $3,200.00  sent for our wonderful growing orphans.  I am so happy to report that no orphans died this year.  They are healthy, their hair is strong and their skin is glowing.  All are in school except our babies.  This is our fourth year of HTO’s promise “never to be hungry again” program.

It is so exciting for me and visitors to see and dance and play with these children who are becoming stronger and more hopeful every year.

3. Diabetic medicine and blood testing kits provided for many elders in the Kilimanjaro Region.  They are taught how to test their own blood at home, or doctors are hired to help them, or money is given for transportation to get to a clinic.  Many of these adults were on deaths door——-not anymore——–they are back to working in their farms and living life again.

4. $6,000.00 was send from Malaika for Life for malaria medicine–Father Aloyce Urio will distribute the medicine to 2 hospitals and 9 clinics.

2009 Year in Review

1. Kristen Kenney joins HTO.  She was visiting Tanzania in 2008 and got malaria and was treated well and recovered.  She felt a strong desire to help influence the outcome of those inflicted with malaria.

Her passion for the people and their future health, drove her to develope a program to SAVE A LIFE AND PREVENT DEATH.  Go to her website–MALAIKA FOR LIFE.ORG  to see the wonderful work she is doing.

Buy a Bracelet Save a Life is her theme.  All proceeds go to Tanzania and malaria medicine is purchased and distributed to Hospitals and Clinics under to supervision of Father Aloyce Urio.

We are all excited to have Kristen join HTO!

2. Medical container for Huruma Hospital in Rhombo Tanzania.  Land transportation costs were covered by HTO.

3.  A new set of Tires were purchased for Father Aloyce Urio so he could transport the malaria medicine and coordinate the care for the orphans and container.  Father Aloyce is our main HTO cordinator in Tanzania.

4.  ANTIOQUIA BAND in Berkeley, California, does a HTO benefit.  They raised over $1,000.00 which are sent to Father Aloyce Urio for maize for our orphans.

5.  $3,000.00  send to Tanzania to buy maize for the 400 orphans–no orphanage is available for these children.  They live with grandparents, older siblings and on the street.